Privacy Policy

Privacy rights

This Privacy Policy describes your privacy rights regarding the collection, use, processing, storage and protection of your personal data. This Policy applies to all websites of WebMoney Transfer system and all related applications, services and tools, without distinction of the type of access or use. More information about how to use private information and contact details for any questions are available in the Center of confidentiality.

You accept the terms of this Privacy Policy when you subscribe, gaining access to or use of the products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered by our web site and all related web sites, applications, and services (together referred to as the «WebMoney Services Transfer»). WebMoney Transfer may at any time revise this policy, which will be published on the website of the system. Corrected version shall be effective as of the time of its publication on the website moreover once we make major changes, we are undertaking to publish a notice of upcoming changes on the page "Policy Updates" on our website no less than 30 days before. After the 30-day period, system considers you unconditionally accept all the amendments to this Policy.

Collecting information about users

During visiting WebMoney Transfer websites or using its services, system collects information sent by your computer, mobile phone or other device for access. Information sent to the system includes data pages you visit, your computer IP address, device identifiers, the type of operating system, your location data, your mobile network data, web log data and other information. Web log data includes information about your browser type and intensity of data exchange with our web site. When you visit Webmoney Transfer web sites or using WebMoney Transfer services, the system also collect data of your transactions and activity.

During the registration in WebMoney Transfer system or using its services we may also collect the following information:

  • Contact information, for example first name and last name, address, phone number, email address and other related information
  • Detailed personal information such as birth date or identity card number.

We can also request information about you from third parties, for example, credit bureaus and organizations that provide services for the identification, in order to confirm your identity and minimize the risk of fraud using WMID.

You can provide us access to certain personal data stored by third parties, such as the Web sites of social networks (eg, Twitter). The information depends on the particular web site and monitored the website itself. Linking an account managed by a third-party company with your WMID and allowing WebMoney Transfer has access to this information, you agree that WebMoney Transfer may collect, store and use this information in accordance with the Privacy Policy provisions.

If you agree with the Privacy Policy we will use these data to fulfill our obligations as part of the WebMoney Transfer system websites access providing (for example in cases of requests of your account recovery). Your name and avatar can be used for displaying in the WebMoney Transfer system website interface. Your E-mail can be used to send notifications to you.

If you decide to delete the data of your social networks accounts, you can do it by yourself in the WebMoney Keeper application (Settings\linked accounts)
You can also send a request to the technical support to delete the data of your social networks accounts by the email

To protect your personal information from fraud and malicious use, the system may collect data about user’s interaction with web site or use WebMoney Transfer service. For example, we can perform a scan of your computer, mobile device or other access device for the presence of malicious software or activity.

System may also collect additional information about you in another manner, for example, by means of customer service, your responses to social surveys and your interaction with other members of WebMoney Transfer system or other companies.

You hereby give your consent to the Owner and Administrator of WebMoney Transfer System to the processing of your personal data (collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update or modification), usage, distribution (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destruction, transfer (including cross border transfer) and any other action with the personal data in accordance with the applicable law.

Cookie files usage

Upon receipt an access to WebMoney Transfer websites or use WebMoney Transfer services (including companies we cooperate with) the system may the system may place small data files on your computer or other access device. It can be cookie files, pixel tags, flash cookies or other types of files which are supported by your browser or other related applications (Cookies). We use these technologies for the following purposes: recognizing clients, setting WebMoney Transfer services, content and advertising, estimate of efficiency of advertising, your WMID safety ensuring, fraud prevention and risk associated with it, as well as enforcement of trust and security on our websites and in providing WebMoney Transfer services.

We use session and persistent cookie. Session cookie files are not being kept and its information are being deleted once the user logs off his member account, or closes browser. Persistent cookie are being kept on your computer until its storage period will be expired or it will be deleted by user.

We encode cookie files in order to interpret information stored in it. You have the right to prohibit the use of the cookie-file, if your browser or browser add-ons allow you to do this but it could prevent you from using web site and WebMoney Transfer services. You can refer to the instructions to block, remove or disable Cookies in reference section of browser, browser extensions or installed applications.

Cookie files or WebMoney Transfer pixel tags may be located on web sites which we do not control. For example, cookie or pixel tag placed by web page or application may be located on web pages created by third-parties or in applications made by third-party developers. In a similar manner third-party developers may place their own cookie files or pixel tags which are not controlled by our system and are not the part of WebMoney Transfer Privacy Policy.

Data storage and protection

In this policy provisions, the term “personal data” is used for describing information associated with a particular person and the identity of that person. We do not refer to personal data any information from anonymous sources, because it does not identify a specific user.

Your personal information is stored and processed on computers of WebMoney Transfer system in any country where our offices are located. Your data protection is performed by using physical, technical and administrative measures aimed to loss risk prevention, misuse of data, unauthorised access, privacy violations and data changes. Security arrangements include firewall (brandmauer) and data encryption, control of physical access to the system data centers, as well as control access permissions to the data.

Personal data usage

The main goal of collecting personal data is maintaining secure unhampered and efficient service, according to your requests. Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  • providing WebMoney Transfer services and technical support to customers;
  • operation handling and sending notifications of operations;
  • settlement of disputes, charging fees and eliminating the problems;
  • tracing, prevention and eliminating of consequences of fraud and other illegal activities and tracing, prevention and eliminating of consequences of violation of rules or or the applicable agreement with the user;
  • setting, evaluation and improvement of WebMoney Transfer services and the content, structure and operation of web sites and applications;
  • implementation of target marketing; service update notification and promotional offers based on your connection options
  • communication with you via any phone number, with the help of voice call or via text messages (SMS) or email in accordance with terms of Agreement;
  • comparison of the information in order to ensure its accuracy and verify with third parties.


We do not sell and provide your Personal data to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit agreement. In order to optimize and personalize WebMoney Transfer services, content and advertising, we may combine your information with information obtained from other companies. If you refuse to get advertising information or participating in notification settings programs, please specify your settings after logging in the system using your username in notification section.
We respect your method of communication. If you do not wish to get notifications in our application you should change settings visiting settings page in the application.

We can contact you via phone call or text message (SMS) using the number you put in our system. You may specify a preferred method of communication by changing the settings in your member account by following the instructions provided.

Disclosure of your personal information to other members of WebMoney Transfer system

For payment processing, we need to provide some personal information to persons or companies to whom you transfer funds or from whom you receive payments. Your contact information, registry data, quantity of payments you got from verified users of WebMoney Transfer system disclose to other members of WebMoney Transfer system with whom you conduct transactions using WebMoney Transfer system. This and other information may also be disclosed to third parties in case their participation in providing access to WebMoney Transfer services. Without your agreement third parties cannot use these data only for providing WebMoney Transfer services.

During transferring funds and entering your email address, we disclose to the sending party your first name and the last name which you put in our system when while registry in the system to verify that they transfer funds to the correct account only if you agreed to provide this data.

It should be noted that merchants , legal entities and users from whom you are buying goods have their own Privacy Policies. Despite the fact that the agreement with WebMoney Transfer member forbids other party to use this information for purposes other than service WebMoney Transfer, WebMoney Transfer System is not responsible for their actions, including their data protection methods.

Disclosure of your personal information to third parties

We may disclose your personal data to the following persons:
  • financial institutions with whom we collaborate for creation and promotion the product. These financial institutions can use this information only for the realization of products associated with WebMoney Transfer, except cases of your explicit agreement on other use.
  • law-enforcement authorities, government officials or other persons in accordance with subpoena, court process or other legal process applied to WebMoney Transfer system or one of its unit, if we are obliged to do so in order to comply with government regulations or policies of the credit institution, or if we believe (on our own discretion) that disclosure of Private data is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspicions of illegal activity, or to investigate violations of the Agreement with user.
  • other third parties with your consent or by your request.

Please note that these third parties may be located in other countries whose laws on the personal data processing may be less stringent than in your country.

WebMoney Transfer will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties for marketing activities and may provide your personal information to third parties only in accordance with the conditions described in this Policy.

Gaining access to personal data, or change personal data

You may view and edit your personal data at any moment in your profile settings.