Crowdfunding is a joint collaboration of people who pool their funds in order to support the efforts of other people and organizations. Donors can normally count on some sort of rewards in recognition of thier support of the project, provided the target amount has been raised. Project Planners shall be responsible for timely dispatch of rewards to donors.


You can support projects thatinterest you by using the Funding Service. Funders shall not be responsible for the validity of the data provided. Should you have any questions we recommend you contact the Project Creator of a charitable campaign for clarification. Unless otherwise stated a doner should acknowledge that they are making the donation of their own free will and not in exchange for a reward.

Group Purchasing

Group purchasing is an association of people ordering goods in bulk to save on the price of said goods. Ultimately, buyers form groups to purchase goods directly from suppliers at factory price or to order them from stores abroad. To participate in group purchasing you have to transfer funds to the Project Planner and they shall be responsible for sending goods to you.

Event Planning

By transferring funds to the Project Planner you are acquiring tickets to visit certain events ( concerts, shows, and performances). The Project Planner shall bare responsible for settling any issues related to the arrangement and hosting of the event.