To start a project, the Project Planner or Creator should register and post a detailed description of the project on the Funding page. The amount to be raised isnot limited. Any actions taken during the implementation of the project can not infringe third party rights and must comply with the current legislation.


The creator will be responsible for all the rights required to run a campaign including the intellectual rights. When describing a project please specify how donors will be rewarded for their donation and please outline a procedure for claiming rewards.


Project Creators must provide as much information as possible about the campaign’s objectives and describe all the mechanism for project implementation as possible. Third party information can only be posted with the party’s consent.

Group Purchasing

Project Planners can freely create group purchases for any goods which are allowed to be sold and purchased in the Russian Federation. Project Planners are responsible for the timely receipt of goods to the participants of the group.

Event Planning

Event Planners can ask either a third party or their own group members to participate in a performance. An Event Planner or their authorized person shall, in this case, be responsible for settling any issues related to the arrangement and hosting of the performance.