WebMoney Funding — is a fundraising platform for implementation of creative, scientific, industrial and charitable projects under the principle of voluntary donations, participation in group purchasing and event planning.

WebMoney.Funding allows users to carry out the following functions:

  • Raise funds to implement your project through crowdfunding, which involves people joining to financially support the efforts of other people or organizations. In return for supporting the project and in the event that a minimum amount of funding is raised, backers usually expect some form of remuneration.
  • Hosting events. You can create an event (a concert, theatrical performance, conference, workshop, etc.) and attract participants who will use WebMoney Funding to purchase tickets.
  • Participating in group buying. Users can join into groups to save when purchasing goods. As a rule, buyers unite to purchase goods at wholesale prices or to place orders at foreign shops.

WebMoney.Funding means

  • Simple sign up
  • No geographic limitations
  • 0% on agency fees to create the project
  • A range of options for accepting funds transfers, including bitcoin